Can Green Tea Make You Smarter?


You have probably heard about the powerful chemical compounds in green tea. You know that they can protect you from getting cancer and from heart disease. The antioxidants even slow aging and this is yet another great benefit. But can green tea make you smarter?

You have probably never asked yourself this question, because it seems impossible for a single plant to have such an all-encompassing effect. The truth is that green tea can stimulate brain activity. In turn, this allows you to concentrate, become more alert and think more clearly.

Your brain can work on different wavelengths, depending on the physical and emotional state you are in. When your brain is on alpha wavelength it is in a more relaxed and more alert state at the same time. When you are stressed, the beta wavelength takes over. In this state, it is harder for you to focus on a subject and to think clearly.

Green tea contains a powerful substance, an amino acid called L-theanine, in very large quantities. This amino acid affects the activity of the neurons in the brain which are responsible for the transmission of nerve signals. The effect is beneficial because the alpha brain wave activity is increased. Basically, green tea stimulates your brain to work on alpha wavelength. This has an extremely wide range of benefits.

The alpha brain waves help you solve problems more quickly and effectively. They allow the two hemispheres of the brain to sort of communicate better with each other. In turn, your brain will work more effectively. The alpha brain waves stimulate creativity as well. This is invaluable in any problem solving process.

Apart from alertness, the alpha brain wave activity stimulated by green tea allows you to be more relaxed. The stress, fear and anxiety and even depression are reduced naturally. This will help you concentrate even better on your tasks. In addition, as your mind is more relaxed your body organs and systems will function optimally. This gives green tea yet another health benefit.

When your brain is in an alpha state its ability to perceive and store information is naturally increased. This means that it will be easier for you to learn and memorize new things. This is beneficial not only to students, but to any person who works with large volumes of information.

Overall, green tea can make your smarter in a number of ways, as it increases the alpha wavelength activity of the brain.