Different Green Tea Products - Discover Your Options to Make the Right Choice


There is no doubt that the moderate and regular consumption of green tea is beneficial. The health benefits are many and varied. They affect your body as well as your mind. Apart from being healthier, you will be more beautiful as well. The only question which remains is - how to choose between the different green tea products?

Before choosing a product, you have to know how green tea is made. This tea is made from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Its leaves are picked and dried immediately. A specific technique called firing is used. It allows for the preservation of all beneficial chemical compounds inside the green tea leaves. There are different sorts of Camellia Sinensis coming from the different parts of China and Japan. Hence, you can expect each type of green tea to have its specific taste. In addition, its medicinal properties may vary slightly.

For this reason, before purchasing any type of green tea product, it is worth enquiring about the sort of Camellia Sinensis it is made from. If you want to be an even more knowledgeable buyer, you can make an inquiry about the precise way in which the leaves are picked and processed. This is a good idea since these factors also determine the taste and properties of the actual product you will use. For instance, if the leaves are picked earlier, they contain more caffeine and vice versa.

The most common green tea products, which can be found in every supermarket, are the packs of green tea bags. Usually, you will find products labeled “green tea” without the specific sort of Camellia Sinensis used for the preparation being mentioned. Still, it is possible to find some teas made from a specific sort. There is nothing wrong with preparing the brewed beverage using tea bags. The important thing for the ingredient inside is to be fresh and to provide light and fresh taste along with rich grassy aroma.

Even though the tea bags can provide you with the all the benefits of green tea, you should definitely consider getting some amount of green leaves that do not come packaged in bags. These products have more benefits. Firstly, you will have a much greater choice in terms of variety. There are numerous kinds of green tea, which come from the different parts of China and Japan and are processed in different ways. You can opt for some exotic varieties, which are traditional in these Asian counties, such as Dragonwell, Gunpowder, Gyokuro and Macha. You can also opt for a type of Indian green tea. It is possible to get an organic product as well.

Another benefit of loose green tea is that it is usually fresher than the one sold in bags. This makes it more delicious as well as more beneficial. In addition, with the unpaged green tea, you can follow the precise traditional instructions for brewing and steeping.

The ready green tea beverages have beneficial effects similar to the ones of the home brewed leaves. However, they cannot have the same fresh taste and aroma. Moreover, some manufacturers put different additives inside the drinks. These can be sweeteners or preservatives. Hence, you should opt for the brewed drinks, even though you can grab a bottle of ready green tea if you are in a hurry.

The green tea dietary supplements have become increasingly popular. These are made from the dried Camellia Sinensis leaves, which are granulated in capsules. These supplements also have the medicinal properties of green tea. Still, their effect will depend on the amount and type of extract used for their making. Generally, if you find it more convenient to opt for supplements, you should look for ones with standardized extracts. In addition, it is best to opt for a product from a reputable manufacturer. This will guarantee you that the pills do not contain contaminants, which can be dangerous.

If you find that caffeine affects you negatively, you can always opt for a decaffeinated green tea product of any type. Still, you have to keep in mind that caffeine has a wide range of health benefits as well. Hence, if you are perfectly healthy and do not feel any side effects, you should not exclude caffeine from your portion of antioxidants.

Overall, it is up to you to decide on the perfect green tea product.