Green Tea Extract - Learn All about The Making, Effects and Safety 


Green tea has become so popular that you can find it in all sorts of forms. You can choose to brew loose leaves or tea bags. You can just grab a ready drink from the shelf in the supermarket. You can also get dietary supplements with green tea extract. It is worth finding out more about this extract – how it is made, how it works and what its beneficial effects are.

There is a specific process through which green tea extract is made. Firstly, the green tea leaves are soaked in alcohol. Then the infusion is further concentrated. Once the solution reaches the optimal concentration, it is sprayed onto a specific surface and allowed to dry. Once the water is completely removed, the green tea extract product remains. It is in a powder form.

The processing can be extended further to give the extract more specific properties. There are techniques which are used for the increase of the concentration of catechins. It is also possible for the caffeine, which is naturally found in the green tea leaves, to be removed.

Once the green tea extract is in a powder form, it is processed in capsule, tablet or other forms. Generally, it is used for the making of dietary supplements. These are sold in pharmacies and are available without prescription.

Green tea extract contains all polyphenols, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and flavenoids found in the dried green tea leaves. There are some standards regarding the concentration of these beneficial chemical compounds. This is a sort of guarantee that the supplements you take are as effective as the traditionally brewed beverage. The standardized green tea extract contains 90% polyphenols and 55% EGCG. You should look for these percentages on the label of the product you plan to buy.

The supplements with standardized green tea extract have the same medicinal properties as the brewed beverage. You can expect to benefit from the antibacterial, antivirus and anti-inflammatory action of the chemical compounds. You will also enjoy the anti-aging properties of green tea. You will get excellent protection for your cardiovascular and nervous system as well as for the liver and gastrointestinal tract. The green tea extract has slimming and anti-depressant properties as well.

The main question is whether the standardized green tea extract offers the same benefits on the same scale as the traditional brewed drink. Generally, one tablet can contain the amount of beneficial chemical compounds present in a number of cups of green tea, depending on the quantity of extract in it. However, some researchers express doubts that the supplements are as effective as the water infusion.

It is true that the same amount of nutrients is present, but the way in which they are absorbed might be different. There are suggestions that the minerals which are naturally contained in water increase the effectiveness of the chemical substances in the green tea leaves. In addition, water is known to boost metabolism. This might provide for the more effective processing of the antioxidants in the body.

Still, more research is necessary to determine whether the green tea extract is inferior to the brewed drink or not. From what we know now, it can be concluded that the supplements made from standardized extract are beneficial. Before you decide to take them you have to consider their safety. Generally, brewed green tea has no significant side effects apart from the ones of caffeine. It might interfere with certain types of medications, so if you are taking any on a regular basis, you should discuss this issue with your physician.

The main danger comes from the higher concentration of extract in the pills. It is much easier to overdose a pill than to overdose cups of tea. Moreover, due to the higher concentration of chemical compounds, you are more likely to experience a negative side effect in the case of overdosing. Hence you should be particularly careful when taking green tea extract supplements.

Overall, you can readily take green tea extract instead of the brewed drink. You will get similar benefits and avoid potential side effects, as long as you take the right dosage. Keep in mind that the optimal daily amount of EGCG for a healthy adult is 200 to 300 mg. In addition, you are highly recommended to purchase supplements from reputable brands only.