Get Herpes Relief with Green Tea


There are some chronic conditions that cannot be cured, despite the advances of medicine. Herpes simplex is one of them. Once the virus enters the body and manifests itself, it remains there and becomes active periodically. This is a great problem for all sufferers. Whenever you are stressed or nervous, you have a sore appearing on your mouth. The problem for people suffering from genital herpes is equally uncomfortable and embarrassing. Effective treatment for this viral infection has not been discovered, but scientists have found that green tea can actually help you get substantial relief.

Several studies have revealed that the antioxidants in green tea can provide for the inhibition of the herpes simplex virus. The researchers have found that the chemical compounds in the leaves of the plant, such as polyphenols, catechins and flavenoids, have antibacterial and antiviral properties. This means that by consuming green tea, you will reduce the chances of the virus causing sores.

More research is needed to determine whether the antioxidants in the plant can actually be used for the curing of the condition. So far, scientists have found that these chemical compounds are extremely effective for the inhibition of herpes simplex virus Type 1. However, there is evidence that green tea can aid patients infected with Type 2 virus as well.

Another great benefit of green tea for herpes sufferers is that it can boost the immune system. Various studies have shown that the green tea antioxidants, including Vitamin C, are abundant and powerful enough to stimulate the immunity naturally. This prevents the herpes simplex virus from becoming active and causing the unpleasant symptoms.

It has been proven that stress and anxiety can cause the more frequent reoccurrence of sores and blisters. Green tea can combat these psychological conditions as well. It contains a chemical compound called L-theanine, which stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain. This gives green tea natural anti-depressant properties without the dangerous side effects. Simply speaking, this product can make you more relaxed, relief your tension and improve your mood. As a result, it can protect you from herpes out breaks more effectively.

The daily consumption of green tea is highly recommended to all herpes sufferers. You can also use the brewed beverage to make compresses and put them on the affected areas. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, green tea can complement the work of the topical medications you are using. It will provide for the quicker removal of the sores and blisters.