Green Tea for ADHD 


There are some medical conditions that cause psychological and physiological problems at the same time. One of them is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This condition is most common in children, even though many adults suffer from it as well. A cure has not been found yet, but ADHD can be controlled with medications. The problem is that these medicines have serious side effects, which affect adults and especially children negatively. That is why there is constant research on natural products which can provide safe relief. There are indications that green tea might hold the solution.

The leaves of the green tea plant are rich in a chemical compound called L-theanine. This amino-acid can affect the neurotransmitters in the brain in a positive way. L-theanine stimulates the production of alpha brain waves. When the brain works on such a frequency it is in a more relaxed state. This means that by consuming green tea ADHD patients can avoid being hyperactive. The levels of anxiety and stress will be effectively reduced. In addition, you can get into a perfectly relaxed state which allows for better sleep. This is extremely important for the restoration of a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Another great benefit of green tea’s L-theanine is that it can make you more alert as well as more relaxed at the same time. This double effect is attributed to the alpha brain state. Apart from being more relaxed, you will be able to focus more easily. You will be able to perceive the information and memorize it more effectively. These properties make the effect of L-theanine on ADHD totally comprehensive.

Several studies, including ones on ADHD patients, have revealed that green tea can aid for the treatment of the condition. However, scientists are still uncertain about the complete effect of the herbal product. There are some causes for concern and, namely, the presence of caffeine in green tea. This antioxidant can have exactly the opposite effect on ADHD patients. the good news is that scientists are now denouncing the bad fame of caffeine. Various studies have shown that its negative effects are fewer and much less powerful than previously thought.

All in all, should green tea be given to ADHD patients? Medical professional recommend the consumption of this herbal product to both adults and children over a certain age. The quantities should be moderate to avoid any side effects. Generally, you should consult your physician before including green tea into your treatment.