Green Tea for Acne - Get Rid of Pimples Quickly, Safely and Effectively


You hate to see your face covered with pimples with red and white heads. This can really hurt your self confidence and make you feel miserable. Acne is quite common among teenagers, but a lot of adults get it too. It is caused by bacteria, which thrive into the clogged pores of your skin. There are various acne treatments that you can adopt, but using green tea will give you the best results.

How does green tea work? This plant contains powerful chemical compounds, including antioxidants and vitamins. These chemicals have a variety of beneficial effects that provide for acne relief. Green tea has a strong anti-bacterial action. This means that it can fight the bacteria, which clog your skin pores and cause the pimples. It has anti-inflammatory action as well. This has an extremely beneficial soothing effect on the skin. You will not feel irritation and itching, while your pimples dry naturally and quickly. Provided that you will not feel the urge to scratch your face and squeeze the pimples, you will be less likely to get acne scars, which are lasting and difficult to treat.

Apart from unclogging your pores, green tea will also nurture your skin. It will become smoother and softer as well as better protected from future outbreaks of acne. Your face will also become more radiant thanks to the powerful effect of green tea on the skin. Generally, you will get an effective acne treatment plus a bunch of benefits that will make you look even more beautiful.

Green tea is much safer than the standard acne products, which contain artificially derived chemical ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and cyclic acid. A recent study, which involved the treatment of acne patients with green tea, concluded that the people who use this natural product for treatment are less likely to experience side effects such as skin dryness, itching and skin allergies. Given that the plant chemical compounds are effective for acne treatment, you will not have to use antibiotics. In this way, you will not risk suffering from infections of the urinary tract and of the reproductive system.

In order to treat acne quickly and effectively, you have to consume sufficiently large quantities of green tea, apart from applying it, or an appropriate product, topically. You should keep using these products even after the treatment is over. In this way, you will prevent the appearance of acne and maintain the health and beauty of your skin.