Green Tea for Belly Fat Loss - The Ultimate Solution 


You simply hate looking down at your tummy. It is perfectly natural not to like the sight of your fat belly. It prevents you from wearing the elegant pants you want. It shows up even when you are wearing loose shirts. More importantly, the fat belly can be dangerous for your health. It has been proven that people with larger waistlines are more likely to suffer from heart attack, stroke and diabetes. So, what should you do about this problem? Surprisingly or not, you have to consume green tea.

Green tea can help you get rid of tummy fat in a number of ways. It contains powerful antioxidants called catechins. These chemical compounds and one of them, EGCG, in particular, stimulate the nervous system to speed up metabolism naturally. When this happens, your body burns more of the fats deposited in it. Simply put, green tea can create a metabolic furnace for belly fat. One study, carried out on mice, has concluded that when the animals consume green tea they can lose up to 67% of their tummy fat. Of course, you can expect the percentage to be lower for humans, but the effect is still quite large.

Perhaps the best additional benefit of green tea is that it can actually prevent the fat deposits on your belly from increasing. This is the work of another type of antioxidants - polyphenols. These chemical compounds stimulate the production of a specific enzyme in the liver. This enzyme promotes the dissolution of the excess triglyceride, which cannot be utilized by the cells. Instead of being stored as fat, it is dissolved and removed from the body.

In most cases people have big bellies not only because they have fat deposits in the abdominal area. The overeating and the consumption of carbonated beverages provide for the bloating of the stomach. In turn, it expands and makes your waistline even bigger. Thankfully, green tea has a solution for this problem as well. The chemical compounds in it can effectively aid digestion and improve the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract. This means only one thing – you will have a much flatter belly.

Overall, you can rely on green tea to promote belly fat loss to a large extent. You should consume it every day for best results. Apart from being effective, green tea is perfectly safe for use by people of all ages and with various kinds of medical conditions. In addition, it is extremely affordably priced in all forms, in which it is available on the market.