Green Tea for Cellulite


You have gained some weight and now you have to deal with the consequences. The fat deposits under your skin make you look chubby, but the sight is even more unpleasant given the protuberances on the skin itself. Cellulite is quite common. It affects the thighs, hips and the lower abdomen of women experiencing weight gain. The condition can be treated and now you can do it naturally and effectively using green tea.

There are several ways in which green tea promotes the reduction of the fat deposits under the skin and its smoothing. The powerful antioxidants in the leaves of the plant and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), in particular, increase metabolism. This allows for the transforming of fat deposits into energy naturally. Basically, by consuming green tea, you will get rid of the fat that causes cellulite.

There are other green tea antioxidants that remove cellulite when they are topically applied to the affected areas. Theobromine and caffeine stimulate the release of the stored fat “on the spot”. When these two antioxidants work together, their combined effect is even greater. This makes green tea even more effective for cellulite reduction. You will see the fat melting away and your skin gaining its natural smoothness.

Green tea has an anti-inflammatory action as well. It reduces the inflammation in skin, soothing any irritation. This makes the skin even smoother and much softer. The plant is also rich in various vitamins which nurture the skin and protect it form the harmful effects of the environment. Vitamin C enhances the reduction of collagen, which makes the skin more elastic, softer and smoother. Vitamin E protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is effective against aging and can provide protection from skin cancer.

You will get a smoother and more nurtured and protected skin with green tea. But this is not all. Its antioxidants can prevent the formation of cellulite as well. The polyphenols contained in the leaves of the plant stimulate the production of a liver enzyme. In turn, this enzyme prevents the excess nutrients consumed with food to be stored as fat deposits.

You should definitely consume green tea to get rid of cellulite and slim down. You should also use appropriate solutions for topical application to get the most comprehensive results. You should not miss to take advantage of all the benefits green tea offers and improve your looks and health.