Green Tea for Gastrointestinal Problems


Modern day people consume a lot more food than their ancestors. Furthermore, the foods we eat contain more fat and sugar as well as artificial substances, such as different kinds of preservatives. On the other hand, we are not physically active, which affects the proper functioning of our bodies. All these factors bring about digestive tract problems. Taking medications for them is not the best solution, but is there a natural way in which the problems can be fixed? It turns out that green tea is a very comprehensive and effective solution.

The green tea plant leaves contain powerful antioxidants – polyphenols and catechins. These are responsible for the more effective functioning of the stomach, liver and the large and small intestine. The antioxidants stimulate the processing of food through metabolism. As a result, your digestion can be significantly improved, provided that you consume green tea regularly.

The better digestion brings a number of benefits to all sufferers from gastrointestinal conditions. The daily consumption of green tea prevents stomach bloating and gas. This can help people who experience these problems constantly as well as to women who have them before menstruation and during pregnancy. Green tea can also prevent acid reflux. This problem, also known as heartburn, can create serious discomfort, especially if it is persistent.

Green tea can help you get relief from constipation. By aiding digestion and improving the functioning of the large intestine, the chemical compounds in the plant can actually soften the stools. The constipation relief comes with a range of other benefits. The most notable one of them is that you can reduce your risk of suffering from hemorrhoids or get relief, if you have the condition.

By aiding your digestion and boosting your metabolism, green tea can help you slim down. It is also perfect for maintaining your optimal weight without restricting your diet and depriving your body of some of the beneficial nutrients it needs. Generally, the antioxidants in the plant improve your overall health in a number of different ways.

In order to make the most out of green tea consumption for digestion, you should have the brewed beverage with your meals. If you are taking supplements, it is best to have them some time before eating, so that the beneficial chemical compounds can be absorbed by your body effectively. The key to better gastrointestinal and general health is to consume green tea every day.