Green Tea for Headache and Migraine - Find Effective and Fast Relief  


You hate it when your head hurts. The headaches affect your work, your mood and even your sleep. The problem becomes even more serious, if you have migraine. Most of us use pain killers. The problem is that they do not always offer effective relief. Moreover, they have side effects such as lightheadedness, nausea and stomach upset. The good news is that there is a natural way in which you can fight headaches. All you have to do is consume green tea.

The powerful antioxidants contained in the leaves of the plant increase the flexibility of the walls of the blood vessels. In turn, as the arteries virtually open up, the flow of blood to the head is increased. As a result, more oxygen reaches the head and the pain is effectively relieved. You will certainly feel better after having a cup or two of green tea.

Apart from getting relief, you will enjoy a range of other benefits that will certainly help you feel even better. Green tea has a very good relaxing effect. One of the chemical compounds contained in it, L-theanine, stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain to set the brainwave frequency optimally. In addition, the production of serotonin is enhanced.

In this way, you will be more relaxed and will feel complete relief from your headache of migraine. Moreover, you will discover that your mood is significantly improved. At the same time, your alertness will increase naturally, so you will be even more active instead of getting the sleepiness, accompanying the effect of some pain relief drugs.

The antioxidants in green tea boost your energy levels as well. Its consumption will certainly make you feel more energetic and refreshed. This is really beneficial, since headaches are extremely tiring and affect your physical and mental activity negatively.

It is possible to argue against the benefits of green tea for headache and migraine relief, because it contains caffeine. However, recent scientific studies have revealed that this particular antioxidant is also effective for relieving the pain, when it is taken in moderate dosages. Hence, as long as you consume green tea sensibly, you will certainly get effective relief without experiencing any side effects.

Do not hesitate to drink green tea when you have a headache or migraine. The optimal daily consumption of the brewed drink is 4 to 6 cups per day. Those who take supplements should do it in line with the recommendations of the manufacturer.