Heart Health with Green Tea


Millions of people fall victim to coronary diseases and diseases related to the poor functioning of the cardiovascular system. Given that we have a totally unhealthy lifestyle with fat-rich diet, little exercise and a lot of stress, the risk of heart problems is automatically increased. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can protect your heart and your cardiovascular system. The solution is simple - all you have to do is consume green tea regularly.

Green tea helps your heart in a number of ways. It contains antioxidants that lower the level of bad cholesterol, LDL, in your blood vessels. In addition, the chemical compounds present in the leaves of the plant make the walls of the arteries more flexible. The combination of these two effects is more than beneficial for the cardiovascular system and for the entire body. The blood vessels cannot be clogged, since the cholesterol is less and the arteries are not narrower.

In turn, a number of serious conditions are prevented. People who drink green tea regularly are less likely to suffer from heart attack and stroke. There are various studies, which have proven the beneficial effect of this plant for cardiovascular health.

Green tea can protect you from diabetes as well. By lowering the cholesterol in your blood levels, it reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes. There is also evidence that the chemical compounds in the plant aid the regulation of the blood sugar levels. One study has shown that caffeine, which is just one of the powerful antioxidants in green tea, can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30% for women and by up to 56% for men. They key to getting these benefit is to consume green tea on a daily basis.

You will be happy to learn that green tea has yet another benefit for the heart. Its antioxidants protect the cells form the harmful effect of free radicals. In turn, the cells age less quickly and are less likely to get damaged. This means that your heart will be stronger and healthier. The effect is beneficial even for people who have existing heart problems.

Some might argue that green tea is not good for the cardiovascular system because caffeine can increase blood pressure. Firstly, the amount of this antioxidant contained in the leaves of the plant is not large. More importantly, the most recent studies have proven that caffeine does not have an adverse effect on the blood pressure of healthy individuals, including elderly people and pregnant women.

Overall, drink green tea for a healthy heart.